ARAS - A Radio Automation System






ARAS is an open source radio automation system. Project goals are:

You can learn more about ARAS if you read its documentation.

Henrik Enblom has written an interesting article about ARAS and playlists generation.

The Auroville's Free Open Source Software service and research centre has published an interesting article about installation of ARAS with JACK Audio Connection Kit on Debian.

The archived documentation is also available from the former ARAS Wiki

Current release is ARAS-2.9. It contains three applications:

ARAS Daemon-2.9. It is a scheduler with an integrated media player, without graphical interface, and without GTK+ requirements.
ARAS Player-2.9. It is a scheduler with an integrated media player and with graphical interface.
ARAS Recorder-2.9. It is an audio recorder that can be useful to record the defined blocks.

Feel free to write questions, comments and suggestions to:
Erasmo Alonso Iglesias <>